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Ok guys. I’ve never been the whole asking for money type but if you have taken the few minutes needed to read the caption above you will see that my partner is trying everything he can to raise money to come to england so that we may be together again.
If you, my amazing followers could find it in your hearts to donate even a pound or a dollar, or if you can’t afford that then simply reblogging this so that someone who might be able to give a little something may see it, I would be forever greatful.
Here is the link to the page
Thank you so so much my beautiful followers x



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i-am-charlotte-sometimes I’ll be there for you in any and every way I can be

As will I for you baby.

Airports have two atmospheres.

When you’re flyingnoutbto see a loved on, or a holiday with your friends/family/partner They’re the most exciting place on earth.

When you have to leave the only person that keeps you sane, or have to come back to reality after the time of your life, theyre the lonilest place you’ve ever been.

Today mine is the latter.

I was in this very same airport almody a year to the day ago flying back out to the love of my life.
It feels so strange now that I’m not taking that same flight path like b im doing everything all wrong.

I’m sorry I left. Im sorry I couldn’t be strong enough.


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